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Are you hearing the music?

If you wish to have your tracks reviewed and played on MusicScape, please send your MP3 tracks to with name of your band, website and PR material. GOOD LUCK!!!!

MusicScape utilises Real Audio streaming technology and continues to support 56kbps modem connections and above. For those of you experiencing problems with realaudio on MusicScape, it is likely that you are connecting to the internet via a company or network that is behind a firewall. Your company internet department should be able to help you. There are instructions on the website regarding the setting up of the realplayer /firewall to receive realaudio files.

For those interested to know more about realaudio from a non biased point of view we suggest you have a look at the "help" pages on the very informative Stereo Society website.

Musicscape is now encoding music tracks for our G2 RealServer thereby enhancing the listening pleasure for our visitors. MusicScape is keen to maintain a balance between audio quality and ease of access for all our listeners.

MusicScape looks forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

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